Crawl Space

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Crawl Space Repair

​We can fix any crawl space issue. Shoring, broken joists, rotten wood replacement, rim joist and sill plate issues and many other problems

Foundation Repair & Replacement

​We can repair or replace stem walls. We can secure your house, demo the old stemwall and footing then replace them with a new one.

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Basement Repairs

We can do any structural repairs to basement walls. From cracks to complete wall replacement​

Masonry Repair

​Any masonry repair, including cracks, replacing damaged brick, stone, blocks, and fireplace caps. No repair is to small

New Masonry

Retaining walls, foundations, custom homes, any project in any area of masonry. Anything from mailboxes to mansions​


Downspout drains, French drains, Channel drains, Sump Pumps, Footer Tiles.  

Above Ground Storm Shelters

Our  FEMA approved Block above ground storm shelters are custom sized, and handicap accessible. Plus, they can be used as storage buildings when not being used as shelters.

Specialty Projects

Have a project that you're not sure who does it, how to do it, or even if it can be done? The owners of Wright Floor Leveling and Masonry have 75+ years of combined experience, with very diverse skills. Odds are, we can get it done

Other Services
Masonry Restoration // Drainage // Stone Carving // Architectural Stone Reproduction // Earthquake Repair // Manufactured Home Tie Down // Earthquake Retrofitting // and many other services

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